Aquapanon Hotel****



Hotel “Aqua Panon” is a 4-star hotel situated in Kanjiža, where it has been providing excellent service since 2004. It has an accommodation capacity of 35 rooms, out of which 4 are hotel suites, 6 single rooms and 25 double rooms for rent. The hotel offers complete service to its guests in terms of accommodation and food.

In January 2011, the ownership structure was changed and the hotel was completely renovated, outdoor and indoor swimming pools were upgraded, and the restaurant capacity was expanded. Applying the TQM concept, Hotel “Aqua Panon” works arduously to raise the level of its service and quality, all for the purpose of satisfying the needs of its guests.



“Aqua Panon”**** Hotel
Narodni park bb, 24420 Kanjiža, Serbia
Tel: +381 24 87 66 00, +381 24 87 67 22

Glavni trg 1, Kanjiža
Tel/Fax: 024/873-249, 024/875-166 lokal 230
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