Brandy Distillery of the Kravić brothers

The Kravić brothers produce traditional brandy called “rakija”. Their distillery is situated in village of Velebit, about 15 km from Kanjiža.  They have made famous not only their own rakija, but also their village, that is now a must-see destination if you are in the area of Kanjiža. While tasting rakija, the hosts are always ready to tell the story of their ancestors from Lika Region (today Croatia) – brave military volunteers on Salonika Front in the World War I. 


After a decade of hard work, the Kravić brothers have gained good reputation and a great number of awards in Serbia and abroad. They are members of the Association of Vojvodina’s Producers of Traditional Rakija. Their aims are promotion of pure fruit rakija made by a traditional recipe and their own protection from the industrial rakija producers. They make rakija by the EU standards in cupreous  brasier.   


SZR Destilerija rakije “Braća Kravić“
24420 Velebit
Milana Basarića 47/a
Tel: 063/856-99-94

Glavni trg 1, Kanjiža
Tel/Fax: 024/873-249, 024/875-166 lokal 230
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