“Ćemer“ Ethno House in Velebit

The hospitable villagers are ready to organize your visit according to your interests:

-          Welcome drink and food, video presentation of Velebit village

-          Visiting the Ethno House where you can discover a unique exhibitions, buy unique handmade souvenirs and taste some gastronomic specialty

-          Visiting the representative apricot orchards and tasting traditional rakija and roasted potatoes with bacon

-          Visiting houses, which can be rent for vacation

-          Visiting the “Velebit” lake and “Kapetanski rit” lake, which are ideal for fishing

-          Rent-a- bike 

Community of Velebit village 
Tel: 063/88-63-082

Glavni trg 1, Kanjiža
Tel/Fax: 024/873-249, 024/875-166 lokal 230
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