Discover the legend about the Miraculous Well and the Gipsy girl


There were two artesian wells for watering of cattle on the pasture 6 km away from Kanjiža in 1907. As the demand for water increased, the shepherds went to the city government with the request to bore two more wells. In 1908 it was already bored a new well. The water of this well had yellowish color and inflammable gas came out from the pipe. Such characteristics of the water were enough for arising different legends about the healing effect of the well. People named it "the Miraculous Well" very soon. 

In connection with the miraculous well appeared the story about a Gypsy who cured her ill joints bathing in this water. The city government acted quickly and logically and they opened "the first season" of bathing in the water of the Miraculous Well in the same year. People had to pay for bathing even then. 
The business efficiency of these people proofs the fact that on the decision of the Town Assembly sample of the water had been sent for testing to the King Institution for Chemistry in Budapest. The analysis was ready in 1910. 

One businessman from Kanjiža, Mr. Grünfeld (manager of former brick and tile factory), insisted on forming joint stock company for opening a spa in 1909. The city government gave their agreement. The joint stock company was formed with Mr. Herman Grünfeld at the head.



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