Ethno House by the Körös river in Male Pijace

Ethno House by the Körös River in Male Pijace village is a 10-minute-drive away from the Horgoš state border with Hungary and a 15-minute-drive away from the famous tourist destination – the lake Palić.

This house is more than 100 years old. It was renovated in 1929, but there are pieces of furniture that origin from 1900 in the so-called “clean room”, dining room from 1930-s, and a room dedicated to the period of communism from 1945 until 1990.  

There is a spacious front yard with an old water well. Right next to it there are a football pitch and a fairground. The village fair in Male Pijace is one of the biggest of its kind in the whole Vojvodina region.

Here you can taste excellent apricot and quince “rakija” – traditional brandy and local Hungarian cuisine – ragout with potato – called “paprikas” and “perkelt” with beef or mutton served with pastry with cheese and coleslaw (cabbage salad).  

For children there is a variety of traditional games, mainly made in wood. Visiting local farms can be organized in order to learn about animals and agriculture, as well. 

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