Ethno House of Totovo Selo

In this neat and nice village the catholic religious community plays an important role, so it is not surprising that the church and the other objects of the church community are in the centre of every activity. There are: a restaurant with excellent local food and a conference room.

One of the attractions of the village is the Ethno House, which represents the Hungarian cultural heritage of this community.

If you want to visit Totovo Selo and its Ethno House, you may choose from the following program: 

  • Visiting the village with a local tour guide and learning about the interesting story of the village`s history and its founder Jozef Toth.
  • Presentation of Hungarian traditional custorms, ware and music by the local wemen`s choir called „The White Acacia” and orchestra.
  • Driving with cart pulled by horses
  • Tasting and participating in preparing local Hungarian cuisine 





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