The "Kapetanski rit" hunting ground, along river Tisa’s right bank, has the following hunting facilities:

  •  13 stabile hunting blinds,
  •  6 tree-hunting blinds,
  •  98 feeding-points for large game,
  •  270 feeding-points for pheasant chicken, covering area of 8,05 hectares.

The hunting ground is mainly under plowed land, but there are also woods, meadows, orchards etc.

Hunting lodges

There are hunting lodges in the following settlements:

Kanjiža, Martonoš, Horgoš, Male Pijace, Velebit and Orom.

There is also a pheasant farm “Borac” and a hunting lodge.

Game in the hunting ground:

  • Roe deer,
  •  Hare,
  •  Pheasant and
  •  Partridge

Commercial shooting offer:

  •  Roebuck
  •  Roe deer
  •  Hare and
  •  Pheasant

The hunting association “Kapetanski rit” offers thorough organization of the commercial shooting.

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