Kanjiža is situated on the right bank of the Tisa river, in the most northern part of Serbia, in Vojvodina Region. It belongs to the North Banat District. The territory of the municipality is bordered from the east with the Tisa river and the municipality of Novi Kneževac, from the south with Senta, from the west with Subotica and from the north with the Serbian-Hungarian state border. The distance between Kanjiža and Subotica is 40 km, Novi Sad 120 km, Belgrade 200 km and Budapest 200 km.  


The Municipality covers 399 square kilometers of surface and it comprises 12 villages (Adorjan, Doline, Horgoš, Male Pijace, Mali Pesak, Martonoš, Vojvoda Zimonjić, Velebit, Trešnjevac, Novo Selo, Orom i Totovo Selo) and the small town of Kanjiža.  

 The region of Kanjiža plays an important role in the international traffic and transport of goods. As a state border municipality, it is one of the busiest export-import points that lead towards Central European countries. On the territory of the municipality there are: a road state crossing, a railway state crossing on the Serbian-Hungarian state border near Horgoš and a river state crossing at Kanjiža.


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