“Tiski cvet” /”Mayfly”/ camping site is situated in Kanjiža, at the bank of the Tisa River, 15 km from the E-75 highway and Horgoš – Roszke cross border between Serbia and Hungary. It is half way between Budapest and Belgrade, 130 km from Novi Sad, 36 km from Subotica. From the E-75 get off the highway at Horgoš and follow the road to Kanjiža. The camp is situated 700 m from the town centre, by the beach at Tisa River.

The camping area is categorized with 1*, it consists of 15 camping sites and well equipped modern facilities.

The location of the camp and its surrounding is ideal for walking, cycling, swimming (river beach, Kanjiža Spa Centre, Aquapanon**** hotel), beach volleyball, fishing and many other activities. If you are interested in meeting some local cultural heritage, traditional food and local people you should visit the nearby villages: Totovo Selo, Velebit, Male Pijace, Horgoš, Martonoš, which are only 15-20 km away from Kanjiža.                 

GPS: 46.068199,20.066913



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