Martonoš and Mali Pesak


The village of Martonoš is an old settlement with a very interesting history. It was mentioned for the first time in 1237 in a document related to a monastery of Mortinus (St. Martin). There are also records from 1335 about a noblemen from Martonos (for example Bekus, son of Lorinc of Martonos and Pescenyi Istvan of Martonos). The settlement was also mentioned by a Hungarian poet Tinodi Lantos Sebestyen, who wrote poems about people’s struggling against the Ottomans. The famous Ottoman Turkish traveler Evliya Çelebi described Martonos as a fortress that was conquered by his people in mid 16th century. He also wrote that the fortress was situated at the right bank of the Tisa River, and that it consisted of 150 Hungarian houses and a church. After the Tisa River changed its course, Martonos lost its preferable status.

Today most important products of Martonoš are: paprika, garlic, onion and potato. Some people live from cattle breeding. Also, various sorts of crafts have long tradition, especially wickerwork. Martonos is well known for excellent paprika producers: “Telek“, “SD Martonos“ and many other. 



Mali Pesak 

The village of Mali Pesak was founded in 1970’s and 80’s. It consists of no more than four streets and a several number of dislocated farms, called „salaš“. It is located along the old road which leads from Subotica to Martonos.  The village is well known for viticulture (wine growing).


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