Orom, Doline i Novo Selo


The  village of Orom is named after the Hungarian name of the Telečki leoss plate, on which it is located.  Orom was founded in late 19th century. 

The symbol of this area were 11 windmills. Only one windmill still exists, so called „Bajus mill“ built in 1889. The windmill had been used until the 60`s of the 20th century. Afterwards it was abandoned, as well as the farm that stood beside it.

Nowadays, near the windmill there is an outdoor pool and the windmill itself is used by the local “People“ NGO.  






Doline is the farthest village of Kanjiža Municipality, formed in 1948. The conditions are ideal for agriculture. The most interesting is the parrot farm, with over 200 bird species from all over the world.  

Novo Selo

Novo Selo – New Village is the youngest settlement of Kanjiža Municipality. Just like Doline, it is important for its agriculture. 


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