Recreation by the river

Kanjiža has one of the most beautiful riverside in Potisje region – along the Tisa River. On river bank there are a beach, a swimming pool for children, “Tisa Mayfly“camping area, pier and tourist information point on the Serbian – Hungarian river border. 


In June, a great number of people visit Kanjiža because of the natural phenomenon of the blooming of the Tisa River to enjoy the love dance of the Tisa Mayfly aquatic insect. Millions of yellow insects with grey wings flicker just over the surface of the river. The whole adventure is completed by the humming of their silky wings and the reflection of a setting sun in the water mirror. As if they are aware of the fact that the end of the day is the end of their lives, too – they hurry to fulfill their obligation to create a new generation. The impression can be compared to the beauty of the rainbow of the Niagara Falls, or even the first love.

In summertime, on the bank of the Tisa River in Kanjiža many sport and cultural events take place, making it even more attractive for visitors. 


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