Sacral building


Orthodox Church of the Holy Archangel Michael 

  The Serbian Orthodox church dedicated to the Holy Archangel Michael was built in 1775. It was burnt in 1848’s Revolution, after that a new church was built in 1851. Four icons from the original church, painted by the famous Serbian baroque painter Teodor Ilić Češljar remained and they are still in the church.  All significant data on the first architects and founders of this sacral building are lost. The parish encompasses the whole inhabited area of Kanjiža, as well as the villages of Vojvoda Zimonjić, Velebit, Novo Selo, Orom and Trešnjevac. 


Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Guardian Angels 

The parish was founded in 1750. Before that the service in the area was held by Franciscans from Subotica. The Churh was built in 1768. In the period of the Revolution in 1848 the church burnt down during a town siege. In 1857 it was renovated, in 1911 enlarged and repainted in 1934. The church, among local people known as “the Big church“, was constructed in the classicist style of late baroque. It is 62 meters long and 15 meters wide. The belfry with five bells is 48.5 meters tall. 


Roman Catholic Church of St. Paul 

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Paul, also known as  “the Small church” is situated in the Chesnutt Alley (Aleja Kestenova Street), half way between the “The Big Church” and the old building of the railway station. It was built by Teréz Tukacs, a widow who built it in 1913 in order to remember her husband Pál Tóth. The architecture of the church is in Neogothic style. It is 23 meters long, 7.5 meters wide and 8.5 meters tall with a belfry which is 35 meters tall.

According to the church`s chronicle it was built in that exact place after a long battle between the widow and the priests. After many years the widow admitted that she insisted on that place because of a dream in which her husband told her to build a church where she sees a white pigeon on a great tree. 




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