Senta lies on the bank of the River Tisa in Vojvodina, Serbia, 42 km to the south of the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Owing to its geographical position, Senta has been inhabited since the prehistoric times. At the end of the 19th century the first secondary school was established. At the beginning of the 20th century many public buildings and a modern quay were built, followed by the construction of the first iron bridge.

Cultural monuments and sites: Town Hall, Fire Station, Hotel Royal, Parish Church and Museum, Saint Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church, Stevan Sremac Memorial House

The Memorial Look-out-tower of the Battle of Senta

On 11 September of 1697, the European Christian Army led by Prince Eugene of Savoy defeated the Ottoman Army near Senta. The Monument of the Battle of Senta was erected in memory of this significant battle.

A rare and unique experience in the Look-out-tower awaits every family, group of pupils and their teachers, and every visitor. The tower means an ideal scene for unconventional history classes, where learning is enjoyable and playful among a special surrounding. On many stairs of the tower a lot of information connected to the history of Senta can be acquired, furthermore children can learn unawares.

Groups can take a stock of the scale-model of the scene of the Battle of Senta (with size of 2 x 2 m, and with 2000 miniature figures), and they can also take a view on the wall of the tremendous map of the battlefield and of the names of the heroes. The period dresses of the soldiers, the correspondence, maps, and paintings help a visitor to easily follow and understand the procession of the great battle, and all of this garnished with audio-visual effects. On the top floor of the tower a visitor can come to know with the history of the building and builders of the Town hall of Senta by old photos and bills. In addition, the almost 100 year old clockwork can be seen, which has got a see-through and elegant revetment. 


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