Sport facilities of the Spa Centre of Kanjiža

Sports hall with 600 seats, equipped with all the necessary equipment for indoor sports (handball, futsal, volleyball, table tennis, judo, wrestling). It can be used for recreational purposes and also for preparations of top athletes. The hall is air-conditioned and convenient for organization of sport events and various performances. There is a handball court, football pitch, and two tennis courts as well as a modern body-building hall with twelve stations.

In the Hotel “Aquamarin” there are two indoor swimming pools with thermal water. Their dimensions are 25m x 12,5m and 10m x 8m. The bigger one is deep enough for swimming and both pools can be used by any visitors in the day period determined for citizens.

There is also a sauna and a body-building room, where qualified trainers carry out supervision: 

-           Aerobics, Pilates, Body-Styling, Body Definition programs

There are also:

-          Two outdoor tennis courts with full equipment and props

-          In the room in front of  the sports hall guests can choose between two tables for table tennis






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