According to the archeological findings, the area of Trešnjevac (Hungarian: Oromhegyes) was settled in prehistoric period. The village that exists today was built in the 19th century, when tobacco growers and shepherds were settled in the area.

Hungarian cultural heritage is cherished by the “Petefi Sandor“ cultural organization.

The area is uncommonly hilly. The most important is Bergels‘ Hill. On that hill the Turkish army was defeated for the first time by the Christian forces in 1686, before the crucial battle at Senta 20 km away.

The village of Trešnjevac, is also related to Rozsa Sandor – the Hungarian Robin Hood of 19th century. The story tells that he was stealing cattle and other goods from the rich and give them away to poor people. One of his hiding places – bunkers was in Trešnjevac.

Among the local youth, Trešnjevac is known for the „Atlantis Garden“ - a discotheque. 




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